Seasons & Pricing

The Chesapeake Bay provides an incredible array of fishing opportunities that are constantly changing with the seasons. We are able to travel with the different seasons and stay on some of the hottest fishing the bay has to offer. Below is a basic outline of our fishing season, but it does vary somewhat from year to year. Give us a call or email to explore your best options for finding the type of fishing you most enjoy. Not sure? Let us help you figure it out!

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What’s Included & What to Bring

Each time you book a trip with Peake Tide Fishing, you can expect a clean and comfortable fishing experience with a professional, licensed, insured, and knowledgeable captain whose primary concern is that you are happy with your experience. All necessary USCG certified safety equipment is provided for each passenger, along with all necessary tackle. Although we provide the goods, it’s essential that you prepare for the trip and bring necessary personal items.

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