Create your own unique Chesapeake Bay fishing adventure!

The Chesapeake Bay provides an incredible array of fishing opportunities that are constantly changing with the seasons. We are able to travel with the different seasons and stay on some of the hottest fishing the bay has to offer. Below is a basic outline of our fishing season, but it does vary somewhat from year to year. Give us a call or email to explore your best options for finding the type of fishing you most enjoy. Not sure? Let us help you figure it out!


Cape Craft
(Up to 2 anglers)

Half day – $300

Starting in the 3rd week of March and running through the end of April, we will be fishing in the historic James River in downtown Richmond. This is the famed spring shad run, and our main targets are Hickory and American shad, along with striped bass. The shad are known as “poor man’s tarpon”, and what they lack in size they sure make up for during their scrappy, airborne fights. We normally fish with light fly or spinning rods which makes this a very exciting fishery, and it is not unusual to land 50 or more hard fighting shad in a half days fishing! This time of year is extra special, though, because you might catch anything from smallmouth bass to giant blue catfish. You never know what you might catch in the springtime on the James!

Late April-June:

The Parker
(Up to 3 anglers)

Full day – $650

This is the time of year to chase trophy stripers and red drum as they stage in shallow water before settling into summertime migration patterns. We will be fishing flats of the lower bay and eastern shore. While this fishery often does not produce great numbers of fish, each day offers the potential for the fish of a lifetime. The time spent looking for them pays off in full when you see, cast to, and land a 40+” red drum or rockfish in shallow water. This is among the best opportunities of our fishing season to land a bull red drum on fly tackle. While this is primarily a catch and release fishery, current regulations allow each angler to keep one rockfish over 36” May 1st-June 15th.


Cape Craft
(Up to 2 anglers)

Half day Inshore – $350
Full day Inshore – $500

The Parker
(Up to 4 anglers)

Half Day Lower Bay – $500
Full Day Lower Bay – $700

Summer months provide the most diverse fishing opportunities that the bay has to offer. Fishing out of Back River in the lower bay we will be targeting cobia, big red drum, flounder, spadefish and more. Our custom tower allows us to spot cobia and schools of giant redfish from afar. There is hardly a more exciting game in the bay than being able to see and convince one of these prized game fish to strike your bait or lure! As conditions don’t always allow for sight fishing, we will also be jigging for tasty flounder, fishing for spadefish and more as the tides and conditions change. This is a great time of year to get the kids out on the water and catch an array of delicious bottom fish. The Bay is also noted for her many flats and shallow water opportunities during the summer. This fishing will center around Mobjack Bay or the Great Wicomico River. Since we are near the northernmost migration range of red drum and speckled trout, inshore fishing for those species can vary from world class to very poor from year to year. When we have good numbers of redfish in the bay we will be poling and hunting the shallowest grass flats which is an exhilarating way to catch them. Schools of rockfish are almost always prowling shallow water providing plenty of fun catch and release action during all the summer months.


The Parker
(Up to 4 anglers)

Half day – $450
Full day – $600

Fish out of the Rappahannock River or Smith Point for one of the most sought after fish on the East Coast, the Striped Bass, aka Rockfish! This is among my personal favorite fishing opportunities that the Chesapeake has to offer. While there are more ways to target rockfish than there are stripes on his sides, we will be primarily light tackle jigging, casting and fly fishing for them. These methods of fishing allow each angler to catch their own fish from start to finish and provide a very rewarding experience. Not to mention, you get to feel every ounce of the fight in a fresh ocean rockfish when you are fighting him on light or fly tackle. It is not unusual to find schools of rockfish right on top of the water during this time of year, and we can throw top water lures and flies to watch the surface of the water explode as the fish attack them! This can be an incredible catch and release fishery and it is not uncommon to have enough action to wear your arms out after a day’s fishing. It is also a good trip if you want to put some meat on the table as anglers are allowed 2 fish per person.

Please contact us if you wish to add additional angler(s) to your trip. While this may be an option, the captain normally prefers to keep numbers lower in order to better allow for a hands-on, comfortable, quality fishing experience.

Please call or email about creating your own custom trip. Whether it’s night fishing for explosive rockfish action or going on a leisurely sunset cruise or nature/photography tour, we would love to get you out on the water enjoying the bounty that the Chesapeake has to offer everyone. Children are always welcome and encouraged to enjoy a fun day on the water; we are always happy to cater to any skill level.


Fishing Charter Deposit


A $150 deposit is required to book a trip with us and must be received within a week of confirming the trip date. Checks can be made out to Peake Tide Fishing, LLC and mailed to P.O. Box 342 Kilmarnock, VA 22482 or the deposit is payable with credit card in our online store. Payment of the charter in cash or check is required at the end of the fishing day. The captain reserves the right to cancel the trip at any time due to adverse marine weather or other circumstances. If a trip is canceled by the Captain for any reason, the angler will receive a full refund of the deposit or may choose to book another date. If the angler cancels the trip without providing at least 14 days notice, the deposit will be forfeited.